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The Innocence Project of Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to securing the release of those wrongfully convicted of crimes in Texas and educating the public about the causes and effects of wrongful convictions.

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  • Innocence in the News

    Have you been keeping up with the latest wrongful conviction news?  If not, have no fear.  Here are some recent links and stories to keep you informed and motivated to speak out on behalf of the innocent behind bars.  Recognition: How a travesty led to criminal-justice innovation in Texas 2015: A Year to Remember in False Confessions Texan of the Year: The Texas Justice League Life After Death Row

  • Recommendations for TX Exoneration Commission study

    Texas' new Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Commission, established by the Texas Legislature earlier this year to review wrongful convictions since 2010 and their underlying causes, will meet for the first time this Thursday. By statute, the Innocence Project of Texas' executive director is an advisory member. To assist with the group's deliberations, IPOT has published a document offering suggestions for potential issues to review arising from recent Texas innocence cases.

  • Prosecutor to explain withholding evidence in case of IPOT client

    The Innocence Project of Texas expects potentially dramatic testimony on Monday, Oct. 25, as a Dallas prosecutor is called to account for withholding exculpatory evidence which showed that, contrary to testimony at trial, jailhouse informants sought and received reduced sentences in exchange for accusing the defendants. Dennis Allen and Stanley Mozee walked out of a Dallas courtroom last year free on bail after attorneys from the Innocence Project of Texas and the national Innocence Project conv...

  • Freedom for Dallas man convicted on bad bite-mark evidence

    Steven Chaney, the man whose bite mark case recently spawned a review by the Forensic Science Commission, saw a Dallas judge recommend habeas corpus relief last week and was released on bond pending a decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. His attorneys have also alleged prosecutorial misconduct. He was convicted in 1989.

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