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The Innocence Project of Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to securing the release of those wrongfully convicted of crimes in Texas and educating the public about the causes and effects of wrongful convictions.

Currently there are over 150,000 people in the Texas prison system.  Even at a modest 1% wrongful conviction rate there are over 1,500 men and women behind bars at this very moment who do not belong there. We receive over 100 letters a week requesting our assistance and have over 500 cases in line for investigation.

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  • Tim Cole Statue Coverage

    On September 17th in Lubbock, IPTX and the City of Lubbock will unveil the Tim Cole Memorial Statue at Tim Cole Memorial Park. The park is located at 19th and University, right across from Texas Tech University. We hope you can join us for the historic event!

  • “I Believe It’s a Heroic Calling”

    Congratulations are in order for IPTX Board Vice President Mike Ware. Ware, along with Austin attorney Keith Hampton, received the Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year Award in recognition of his work on innocence cases. “I Believe It’s a Heroic Calling” - Texas Monthly

  • BET's Vindicated is back for Season 2 and features Tim Cole

    Season two of BET's groundbreaking show, Vindicated, premieres tonight at 9:00pm CST. Check out the show's website for more information about the cases depicted on the show and to watch two full episodes featuring the story of IPTX exoneree, Timothy Cole.   BET: Vindicated

  • Sonia Cacy Has Her Day In Court

    IPTX client Sonia Cacy is back in court this week challenging her arson conviction.  Follow the link below for coverage.   Pecos County woman’s murder conviction reviewed by court

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