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The Innocence Project of Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to securing the release of those wrongfully convicted of crimes in Texas and educating the public about the causes and effects of wrongful convictions.

Currently there are over 150,000 people in the Texas prison system.  Even at a modest 1% wrongful conviction rate there are over 1,500 men and women behind bars at this very moment who do not belong there. We receive over 100 letters a week requesting our assistance and have over 500 cases in line for investigation.

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  • IPTX in the New York Times!

    The New York Times has a fantastic piece out on efforts to free the wrongfully convicted in Texas.  Credit to Maurice Chammah for the fantastic coverage.   Working to Prove Innocence of Inmates (New York Times) photo credit: Tamir Kalifa for Texas Tribune

  • Exoneree Talks Broken Justice System

    This past weekend IPTX Founder/Chief Counsel Jeff Blackburn sat on a panel with Exoneree Anthony Graves at the 52nd Annual SHSU Contemporary Music Festival. The Houstonian has a piece on their talk. Exoneree talks broken justice system

  • Attorney General rules that Arson Review is legal

    Innocence Project of Texas attorneys have been fighting for years to clear Sonia Cacy's name. Recently, the Fire Marshal's Science Advisory Workgroup determined that the scientific evidence used to convict Cacy was flawed. Now, thanks to an opinion from the Texas Attorney General, the workgroup's review has been declared legally permissible despite protests from prosecutors in the convicting county.

  • Texas Monthly Feature Piece on Lake Waco Murders

    Set aside some time to read Michael Hall's gripping Texas Monthly piece on the Lake Waco murders. IPTX Board Member Walter Reaves represents Mr. Melendez and IPTX is supporting the efforts to clear his name.

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