Why free lawyers shouldn’t come cheap | Christian Science Monitor | In Loudoun County, Va., where Ruzic works as an assistant public defender, the police department gets $84 million, county prosecutors get $3.3 million, and public defenders get $2.1 million. Put another way, 98 percent of the criminal justice spending in the county is arrayed against Ruzic.

JUNE 17, 2016 | FRIDAY

Texas court halts execution of man in 'shaken baby' death case | Reuters | The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Thursday halted the planned June 21 execution of Robert Roberson and sent his case back to a trial court. It based its decision on a recent state law that permits legal challenges citing new scientific evidence potentially pointing to wrongful convictions.

Kane County leaders debate public defender staffing | Daily Herald/Chicago | "I wish I could say with confidence that we are able to put up enough of a rigorous defense that we are able to prevent wrongful convictions."

JUNE 16, 2016 | THURSDAY

Why to people confess to a crime they did not commit? | Newsweek | In 1966, false confessions seemed like a rare problem. Fifty years later, we have seen hundreds of exonerations of innocent defendants who confessed to terrible crimes after they received Miranda warnings.

JUNE 7, 2016 | TUESDAY

Four Latinas Fight to Clear Their Names | Latina | In the late 1990s, a case shook the San Antonio community like no other before it had: Four queer Latinas were accused of raping two little girls. The women, who all maintained their innocence, were convicted and sentenced to prison.

JUNE 6, 2016 | MONDAY

Reversal of Fortune | Texas Monthly | Kerry Max Cook, third from right, was legally exonerated today.

Trail Blazers Blog | Dallas Morning News | After nearly 40 years, murder charges dropped against Kerry Max Cook in East Texas case.

Texas Man Cleared of Murder Charges | Reuters | Murder charges were dismissed on Monday against a former Texas prisoner released from jail in 1999 after serving about 20 years on death row for the rape and murder of a 21-year-old woman.

Sonia Cacy Found to Be Innocent | Texas Monthly | More than twenty years after she was convicted, Cacy is totally cleared of her uncle's murder.

Woman Fighting 1993 Murder Conviction Gets a Key Victory | Texas Tribune | A judge has ruled that Sonia Cacy, a West Texas woman convicted of setting her uncle on fire, is innocent of murder, basing his decision on new analysis of evidence presented at her 1993 trial.

JUNE 3, 2016 | FRIDAY

The Usual Suspect | Texas Monthly | Stunning new evidence in the case of Kerry Max Cook casts serious doubt on his 1978 murder conviction–and points emphatically at another man.

Trail Blazers Blog | Dallas Morning News | Kerry Max Cook takes 40-year fight for exoneration back to court with new evidence of innocence.

MAY 31, 2016 | TUESDAY

Who should control Houston's crime lab? | Houston Chronicle | Houston residents should be proud of the progress the city has made in the field of forensic science.

MAY 17, 2016 | TUESDAY

Falsely convicted Bedford grandfather now a free man | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Minutes after John Nolley’s murder conviction was overturned, his oldest son got the longest embrace.

MARCH 21, 2016 | MONDAY

Panel mulls recording of police interrogations | Houston Chronicle | Seeking to prevent wrongful convictions, commission eyes patchwork of regulations.


The Texas Justice League | Dallas Morning News | Editorial: John Whitmire, Rodney Ellis and Ruth Jones McClendon led the charge for far-reaching criminal justice reforms.