IPTX collaborates with the Texas Tech University School of Law in Lubbock and the Texas A&M University School of Law (formerly Texas Wesleyan) in Fort Worth to review, investigate and litigate (where we ask the appropriate court/s to hear new evidence) our innocence cases.

Law students participate in innocence "clinics" (special academic programs within their law school) where they earn academic credit for their time and effort working on innocence cases.

Texas A& M University School of Law | Dean: Andrew P. Morriss

  • Danielle Bateni
  • Courtney Cruce
  • Sabrina Galvin
  • Jordan Hartshorn
  • Mehreen Mazhar
  • David Nash
  • Stephanie Simpson
  • Mike Ware (Clinic Director for IPTX)
  • Jami Whitten

Texas Tech University School of Law | Dean: Darby Dickerson

  • Allison Clayton (Clinic Director for IPTX)
  • Ashleigh Hammer
  • Brandon King
  • Patrick Metze
  • Rudolf Moisiuc
  • Mercedes Janne Torres